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Ahmad Imam

Is Ahmad Imam the most diversified social media influencer?


Ever since the boom of social media, it has provided a platform where individuals from any part of the world could be themselves and influence those with similar interests, beliefs, and values.


Most of you must be wondering: “What does it take to become a popular social media influencer? What does it mean to be diversified? How does that benefit you in the real world? And what can I do to achieve something similar?” Well, you’re in luck since we have the perfect role model for you to emulate!


Meet Ahmad Imam – a self-made media influencer and entrepreneur who has redefined the concept of branding and proving that you learn many skillsets, with a focus on progressively mastering one at a time.


Possessing the very map to the path that would lead you to the answers to all your questions, Imam is truly a mastermind when it comes to unlocking the secrets of traversing social media and using it to create real world opportunities. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is indeed the most diversified social media influencer.


So, before moving forward, we need to understand what exactly portfolio diversification is? A diverse portfolio follows the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The logic behind it is that by having a vast range of skills translated onto your resume or work portfolio, you expand the possible opportunities presented to you further ahead in life. Moreover, you will also get a broader perspective of prospects and how to better your chances of seizing opportunities, growing current ventures and building future endeavours. That way, there will be no uncomfortable situations if you don’t manage to stick to the perfect landing on a new business venture or if a job doesn’t go the way you expected.


Keep in mind that you could always utilize your skill set to build upon it, improve and learn from your mistakes in order to start over with a smarter and wiser approach – but that is only if you have the opportunity to do so.


How does all of this transpose in a real and substantial manner though? Here’s where Ahmad Imam finally makes his appearance. While the terms “media influencer” or “business influencer” sound unambiguous at first, it happens to be more of an all-encompassing word for a multi-faceted job set. Much like every other job, the majority of us would consider ourselves lucky to specialize in one aspect of said skill set. This is exactly where having a diverse portfolio of skillsets comes into play. It’s like being a jack of all trades, except when Ahmad Imam plays, he may be pretty close to converting the latter part of the entire phrase up on its head 180 degrees.


Starting out as a dishwasher, and then salesman for different organisations, both big and small, Ahmad Imam has managed to transform his magnetic way of speaking into an art of its own. From presenting and hosting events to helping others find their authentic voice vis-à-vis masterful storytelling, he has ventured all over the social media landscape.


Initially, Ahmad Imam was but a shy guy struggling with his self-confidence. Forcing himself to take on any job which required him to speak up and be heard in order to challenge his fears, he slowly but surely learned how to master the art of communication and influence in a way that also benefitted his resume.


From dishwasher, to wedding MC, to a call-centre representative, to sales executive and manager, he decided to take a leap of (calculated) faith, expanding his reach on social media. Again, utilizing his previously mastered skills in public speaking and presenting, and fine-tuning them to translate into the online sphere and amassing a huge following by producing compelling content on LinkedIn, and fostering high-value relationships. Imam built upon his pre-existing skill sets in a way that’s evident in his portfolio.


And Ahmad Imam hasn’t stopped there. Furthering his reach, Imam put his craft to the test by becoming a Presenter and Host for “Success Resources,” the world’s largest education seminar company producing 500+ entrepreneurial events across 37 countries each year, and featuring some of the world’s greatest Speakers, Thought Leaders, Educators and Experts including Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Sir Richard Branson to name a few. This way, Imam managed to expand his skillsets and influence into yet another dimension.


Additionally, as a result of his messaging and initiatives to make this world a better place via strategic alliances with organisations focused on social impact, human rights, and bullying prevention, Imam was recognised and awarded the Leadership Excellence Award by the Royal Office UAE leading to Imam being appointed as the Ambassador to the Royal Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, UAE – now assisting them with various business initiatives and projects, and expanding his network globally with high net worth individuals, ultra-high net worth individuals, and Royal Family members.


If that isn’t enough, Imam harnessed his expertise for social media, specifically LinkedIn, and founded the now renowned elite social media agency ‘The Executive Brand’ which helps CEO’s, Executives, Founders and high-profile individuals build influence and visibility on social media so they can become the go to authority and brand in their field – just as Ahmad has done for himself. Furthermore, he is also a partner, board member, and shareholder for several start-ups and sophisticated businesses that focus on innovation, impact and contribution.


Most of you might be aware of Ahmad Imam’s journey and the efficient diversification he has implemented and invested in over the years. Nonetheless, we understand that some sceptics may be prone to doubting Ahmad’s progress as something more akin to a normal step-up the job ladder. Well, we are inclined to agree partially. But that’s the point, really. While anyone who has the vision to achieve their goals can undoubtedly do so, Ahmad Imam’s journey showcases the truly diverse portfolio he has been able to rack up, the ability to master several skillsets over time, and ensuring all his eggs are not placed in the one basket.


Imam chose a positively unique pathway to achieve his said goals and his success story is proof that with resilience, determination, and strong worth ethic, you ultimately hold the power to steer your life (and portfolio) in the direction that you wish.

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